New challenge - Renewed team - New leading

  • 2017. 03. 01.

 We are looking for a new challenge after our previous successes. We are happy to announce that we have started the preparation to the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, for which we have to build a brand new vehicle according to the new regulation. This means that we have to face the challenge of crossing the Australian continent with the power from 4 m2 of solar cells instead of the previous regulations that allowed 6 m2 surface.
Our team has been renewed lately, because some of the team members graduated, so we would like to give our congratulations to them.

 The Hungarian Weather Service (OMSZ) assists our team’s work.

  • 2016. 09. 08.

 The Hungarian Weather Service (OMSZ) assists our team’s work. They provide us with data about the expectable weather of the venues of the Sasol Solar Challenge 2016 South Africa. This will be useful when optimizing and upgrading our strategy. We have made the first personal meeting with the collegues of the OMSZ, where we negiotated the details of our cooperation.

MegaLux has set out for South Africa!

  • 2016. 08. 02.

 We handed over our trailer with our solar car and equipment in it to the delivery company. It is being taken from Budapest to Bremen on public road, where it will be loaded into a cargo ship to start its one-month journey towards Durban. From there, it will be transported by train to Pretoria, the starting city of the race.
Have a safe journey, see you in September!

AutoNet Mobility Show

  • 2016. 05. 17.

 AutoNet Mobility Show is organized on 27 and 28 May. Many vehicle construction teams from the College of Kecskemét are going to be present, among the 100 exhibitors, with the MegaLux and the Megameter. Zoltán Kutasi, our team leader, is going to give a presentation on 28 May with the title: Hungarians on the world races for energy-efficient cars. Everyone interested is welcome to attend.

 MegaLux vehicle construction team held a travelogue at the Kecskemét College for their sponsors.

  • 2016. 01. 11.

Their solar EV performed the 3000 km journey in the Australian desert.
The team showed, among the best universities of the world, what the Hungarian technical mind can do.– emphasised Tamás Véghely, renewable energy expert, in his welcome speech, who helped the MegaLux team with his knowledge, that operates at the Vehicle Technology Department of GAMF Faculty.