The members of the MegaLux team were also building the Megametér, where they have gained many useful theoretical and practical experiences. The story of Megametér started in 2010. The dreamed aim was to reach 1000 km/litre. Consequently the team became the name of Megaméter (1 megameter = 1000 km)

At first we have chosen a Honda petrol engine, but during our dynamometer tests, it turned out that with this engine we would reach only 600-800 km/litre. For a reason of that the team decided to design and manufacture their own engine. Parallel to engine building, we have designed and manufactured the vehicle chassis and suspension parts. The vehicle was ready by April 2010. 1580 km/litre results we got in Lausitz was enough for the 8th place. This result was sensational as teams with 8-10 years of racing experience can drive only about 1000 km/litre.

Besides the Shell competition, the team participates yearly at other international races (Nokia, Cartagena, Toulouse, Valencia). Our best results until now was in Nokia 2013 race: 3082 km/litre. Almost all the components of the vehicle are unique, designed and manufactured by the Megameter team. That includes engine, engine control unit, clutches, wheels, suspension and chassis. The success lies in the good teamwork, the smart technical solutions, careful design-manufacture process and the repeated testing.

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